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magnolia is a musing following the loss of my lola, my grandmother, linking the process of grieving over a loved one with grieving over lived racial trauma and deeper research into historical atrocities, specifically the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in World War II, American intervention, and how my lola witnessed this history. In a similar wandering of imagery, I balance these three pillars of trauma, each informing the other as petals form a magnolia flower, then a magnolia tree—the tree that stood as landmark for my lola's house in Toronto.

19" x 11"

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About the artist
About the artist

James Legaspi is an emerging Filipino-Canadian multimedia artist currently completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, living and working in Brampton, Ontario. Recent activity includes work exhibited at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto and Gallery, ... View full profile

Brampton, Ontario
Partial artist since 2019

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